This Ends Now..

On National Hands Up Day, police stations across the US will be shutdown peacefully. Not a single person will be hurt.

Watch the video to learn how.

What is
National Hands Up Day?

It is the first peaceful, simultaneous shutdown of 25-100
US police stations across the nation.

The first will be held in Sacramento, Ca.

How David Beats Goliath

Each one of us is a small stone. All aimed at the same helmet.
Together, we are “The People’s Slingshot”

Here’s how we’ll give our “Goliath” the headache of a lifetime:

Step 1: Occupy The Station

10,000 peaceful people will join in solidarity at the police station to present their demands and begin an overnight occupation. The occupation ends when the demands are met.

The occupation ends when the demands are met.

Step 2: Occupy The Heart

We, the people, demand empathy. The vigil is named “Common Ground”. It is a peaceful, protected space dedicated remembering lives lost to senseless violence.

Step 3: Occupy The Jail

After 24-48 hours, occupiers may be arrested for peaceful civil disobedience (max 72 hours). With more occupiers than jail cells, Common Ground vigils will continue, and with new occupiers arriving daily.

Negotiations will remain at a standstill until the people’s demands are met.

Why Us ?

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The Time Is Now.

Here’s how you can help right now.
Do these things. In this order.


Occupy the Jail. Secure
your legacy & change
US history.


If you can’t donate your
time, donate money.
Both is ideal.


No matter what, please let
others like yourself know
this happening.

    How many days are you willing to occupy, at the minimum?

    Are you interested in joining the National Hands Up Day organizing committee?
    Are you a member of, or know an organization we should partner with?