General Seating

Opera Setting


Seat availability may vary depending on the needs of an event.

  • 6 JBL VRX 932LA  Per Side Flying on Downstage Truss Powered by Lab Gruppen Amplifiers
  • 40×12 Snake with SANS and Monitor Tails Running underfloor from FOH position to stage.
  • 200 Amp 3 phase power below stage
  • 1 Wireless, 1 lapel and 1 handheld mic
  • Shure Eight Channel Microphone Mixer
  • Model SCM810/M810E (Located under stage on ‘stage left’)

For concerts, your Sound Production Company will need to bring in: Subs / Consoles / Monitors / Processors Etc…

Controller: Leprecan LPx48 Console with Monitor Sensor+ Dimmer Rack


  • 20 Altman Star Pars
  • 3 Ellipsoidals


    • 5 Altman Star 4 fixtures/4 circuits, 10’’ gel frames.



  • Theatre 1 Imarc spot short & long throw.
  • Located in Balcony

Fly screen is 26′ x 18′

Denon : DBP-2010 : Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player :

  • BD Profile 2.0, BD-Live enabled via Ethernet
  • ABT VRS advanced video processing and scaling up to 1080p
  • 7.1 channel analog outputs with configurable bass management
  • Wide range of picture adjustments for optimum player/HDTV
  • Burr-Brown PCM-1782 24-bit/192-kHz DACs
  • Analog Devices 12 bit Noise Shaped Video processing and D/A
  • Parallel HDMI and analog video outputs
  • Pure Direct mode bypasses internal video processing


  • Tributaries® : Elec-AC100 : Digiital Converter
  • Digital coax to digital optical converter
  • Tributaries® : PWRC-T200 : Power Manager, 13 Outlets, 2 rack space
  • Middle Atlantic Products : 2-10M : 10 space (17 1/2″) desk top KD turret 2 rack
  • Panelcrafters : PC-G2600-S-S-W : 2 gang wall plate with DVI, HDMI,
    Component Video Jacks
  • Wall plate includes jacks for DVI, HDMI, Component video and
    analog audio.


The Dolby® DMA8Plus Digital Media Adapter is a practical,
flexible solution for equipping your sound system for digital cinema, onscreen advertising, special events, and other program sources using digital audio. The adapter provides a comprehensive audio interface while its automation intelligence maintains a seamless fit with your cinema processor. The product design is elegant yet rugged and compact, occupying only one rack-unit space.

The DMA8Plus has four separate digital inputs and will accept up to eight channels of PCM digital audio as well as Dolby Digital and Dolby E bitstreams.

Two-channel audio sources can be decoded as discrete L/R, Dolby Pro Logic®, or Dolby Pro Logic II. Analog audio outputs are calibrated to cinema processor reference levels to ensure a straightforward interface
with your cinema’s existing sound processor.

DPI : E-VISION-600 (2 EA)

The 1chip DLP® TITAN HD-600 employs the latest in DPI’s illumination, optics and electronics technology.

Delivering 6,000 ANSI lumens and 2400:1 contrast ratio, the E-Vision-600 is an excellent multi-purpose projector that produces stellar high-contrast imagery. Compact, robustly built and ultra-quiet for its performance class, the E-Vision standard inputs accept nearly all video and computer formats including HDCP compliant DVI.

ColorMax™ calibration capabilities including enhanced seven-point color correction for broader color space and accurate color alignment.

Sealed optics, user selectable Xenon color mode and lamp life up to 3000 hours make the E-Vision well suited for command and control,visualization, business and educational venues.

Efficient and quiet cooling is achieved with DP’s CoolTek™ engineering, which delivers the highest lumen performance with the lowest thermal (BTU) and noise level (dB) output.


  • 11-inputs: 2 x Composite AV, 1 x S-Video, 2 x Component, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI-I and 4 x HDMI.
  • 2 x mirrored HDMI outputs
  • Supports high definition resolutions 720p and 1080p
  • Both digital and analog inputs are format converted and pixel re-scaled through the AT-LINE-PRO3. It outputs a range of formats and resolutions that will easily match the native resolution of your display to ensure highest picture quality.
  • Supports VGA and DVI signals with resolutions up to 1920×1200
  • VGA shares audio with Composite Video
  • Bypass function on VGA and DVI-I port.
  • DVI-I support both analog and digital input
  • Additional audio output: Analog L/R and Digital Optical.
  • 10-bit triple-ADC converter for RGB/YPBPR.
  • Dual high quality cialis kaufen scaling engines
  • Multiple switching modes: IR remote, RS232 and manual input

EARTEC MC-1000 Wireless Communication System

  • 6 Headsets w/ Transceivers

24ft from front of stage to back brick wall

33′ 4 1/2″

No backstage. Breezeway 50ft. in length and 5ft. wide

Downtown parking is limited for buses/trailers.
City parking permits must be obtained by promoters per event.

Information Coming Soon